We live in a Twilight Sparkle world. Today we talk about Mildor's Plume, Magnum PI, 80s shows, Mario's 35th Anniversary, Mario 3D All Stars, The Natio...View Details

Wakanda forever. Today we talk about the iconic Chadwick Boseman, his acting career, DC Fandome, The Suicide Squad lineup, The Batman Trailer, Gotham ...View Details

Scrubs Vs. Dubs. Today we talk about seeing fights in the city, a little political stuff, Project Power, the fall of an anime site, watching subtitles...View Details

We hope you will enjoy the show. Today we talk about the things happening in Chicago, The Playstation State Of Play reveals, Spelunky 2, people yellin...View Details

Tick tock on the clock! Today we talk about Tik Tok may be getting banned, playing Infinite Warfare, Cuphead going to the PS4, playing the game Carrio...View Details

I want to be ninja. Today we talk about the XBOX games showcase, Halo Infinite reveal, Fable reveal, Superhot Mind Control Delete, Legend of Zelda Lin...View Details

Think of all the good the Splurge does. This week we talk about getting suckered out of a free chicken sandwhich, Twitter getting hacked, getting anot...View Details

Truth or Square? Today we talk about witnessing a car crash, wearing masks, opening up Didney Worl, Kanye West running for president, Hannibal Buress'...View Details

When you're living on your knees you rise up. Today we talk about the JoJo's Bizarre Advenure Live Action Diamond is Unbreakable movie, favorite JoJo ...View Details

The world is a vampire. Today we talk about XIII being remastered, the reveal of Crash Bandicoot 4, the new Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Unite, Mixer being c...View Details

Watcha gonna do when they come for you? Today we talk about old jokes coming back to bite you, Video Dudes controversy, The Last of Us 2, going to Woo...View Details

I only have a Game-Station. Today we talk about the reveal of the Playstation 5, the controller, how it looks, the specs, GTA V being released again, ...View Details

Spin the wheel raggedy man. Today we talk about the US burning, the decline, misinformation, taking a vacation from social media, then we lighten thin...View Details

It's in Revelations, people! Today we talk about the current situation happening in most of America, getting a Nintendo Switch, playing Animal Crossin...View Details

Special guest Alex The Hipster returns in this special episode! We talk about how things are holding up in Seattle, the current state of things, peopl...View Details

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