Archive for July 2011

This episode is a Marvel heavy episode. Also filled with Batman. Welcome to The Dead Pixels Of The Internet. We dish on Captain America and swoon over...View Details

This episode we step out of the heat and in to a room that's even hotter. We talk of Marvel Movies, Green Day, Guyliner, and more stories of our frien...View Details

Breaking news everyone! We have just been accepted to play our shows on Radio Reddit. I'm not sure WHEN we're gonna get played but that shit's on ther...View Details

This has got to be the one of the strangest episodes we have ever done. And I personally think this is one of the best. A LOT of factors went wrong tr...View Details

Three episodes in one day? It can happen. I wanted to wait til we get a good amount of episodes under our belt. The previous two episodes originally d...View Details

This episode, we talk about the latest movie of The Green Lantern. Then we bounce around to names we were about to use before we chose our name, carto...View Details

This is our first attempt in the podcasting world. What we do is basically have a one continuous go and whatever pops into our heads, we run with it a...View Details

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