Archive for August 2011

Good news, everyone! Throughout some recent interactions, we may get featured on a gaming site called and we are more than grateful. ...View Details

In this episode, we talk about the new Call of Duty zombie pack, (Surprised?), and movie jumping, and our beloved series Halo. And to put up a questio...View Details

In this episode, we get the advance screening of Fright Night, argue over who's the better Doctor, and complain about Tyler Perry. Come join us if you...View Details

In today's podcast, we talk about upcoming convention Wizard World, Give a lot of shoutouts, and humiliate Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. I fixed up ...View Details

In this episode we talk about the upcoming shows of Dexter, The Walking Dead, and die a little inside at the sight of the Battleship trailer. We may b...View Details

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