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Lorne has not come back from L.A. but the show must go on! my fill in guest host is Kevin. Listen to his podcast at  Today ...View Details

In this episode, my co-host is still away in LA so his spot is filled in by my friend Kevin. Our reviews include Driver San Francisco and Deus Ex Huma...View Details

This is sweet episode 16. Lorne decides to play a little joke on me and I rage a little. We talk of the winners of the Mayweather and Ortiz fight. The...View Details

Our first review is Space Marine. I would like to introduce you to our newest segment "Achievement games of the week" Captain America and Gunstar hero...View Details

This episode we get our second special guest, Mr Todd Blackwell. The Lorne clone. Or is it the other way around? Come listen to us or rather them talk...View Details

Our game review for this week, is Dead Island. Our catch-up reviews for this week, are Dead RIsing 2, Case Zero, and Case West.

Welcome to episode 14. Introducing my new co-host, Mr. Bee! Or maybe not..... In this episode we discuss the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer trailer, Cal...View Details

This is for our partner site, it's basically a short podcast about game reviews. What we do to separate our reviews is we also do a r...View Details

This is our first guest Alex The Hipster. Come listen to us talk about Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Street fighter again, and his trip to Miami.

So come and...View Details

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