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You've made it this far, find out the thrilling conclusion of Lorne's phone! Also we talk about some Walking Bread, our disinterests in MMORPGS, think...View Details

The long awaited review of Forza 4. And all the other games too, why not?

Halfway til episode 50! In this episode we talk about the new Doctor Who movie that may or may not come out, A follow-up to Lorne's Phone story, crapp...View Details

In this episode we review the series of Assassin's Creed up to the new release of Revelations. Then later on, we review all of the games of Saints R...View Details

Alex The Hipster joins us again and we have a crazy old time. This episode we talk about The Deadliest Warrior, Skyrim, and whole bunch of other thing...View Details

This is our review for Skyrimjob and Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. With special guest Alex the Hipster.

This is it. Modern Warfare 3 is finally released. We also talk about the Battlefield Origin debacle, Kevin Smith's movie Red State, and a show that is...View Details

This is it. An all Call of Duty episode of Playing the Pixels! From Call of Duty 4 to Call of Duty 8. Do we hate it? Do we love it? Find out now!

Episode 0 The Pilot.

This is our very first podcast never been released. UNTIL NOW! 3D is our first subject we talk about and we even mention Batman and Call of Duty in th...View Details

This episode will literally be about these three topics. Hear me talk for 40 minutes about my trip to New Orleans. Lorne couldn't be here so instead i...View Details

Hello everyone, Lorne couldn't make it because I just came back from New Orleans. Hear me sound exhausted about the games of Gears of War (All 3 of th...View Details

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