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After seeing The Hunger Gay, I can say that it's not a rip off of Battle Royale. But is it at least good? Listen and find out! Also, Trolls happen and...View Details

Hola, the review of Casa De Mi Padre is here. Is it good? is it bad? Is 21 Jump Street better? Find out here! Also we discuss what games had better en...View Details

This is the long awaited Mass Effect 3 review. Plus all the other previous games.

Our special Winter-Wrap up editon! We have reached 41 episodes, and Lorne decides to go to Kenosha for a weekend.  In this episode we discuss the grea...View Details

Today, we delay Mass Effect 3 for a review instead of the fighting game, Street Fighter X Tekken. Does it meet expectations? Listen and find out, bub!...View Details

There may be some Walmart bashing in this episode. There may not. Listen as some bad things happen to Lorne's mail and while I finally get myPS3 fixed...View Details

This is one of our favorite series on the review table, the Uncharted series by Naughty Dog! Listen in on he praises.

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