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The next installment of the Dead Pixels of The Internet series is here. Today we talk about Marvel Movies, More Jimmy Rustling, Battle Royale 2, The C...View Details

Playing The Pixels: Fez

I play fez now. Fez is cool.

Are you frustrated? Are your jimmies rustled? Listen to this episode and make those jimmies in check. In this episode experiences of C2E2,  Cabin in t...View Details

This is an all indie arty arcade games review. We talk about Braid, Limbo, Bastion, and Journey.

The most stuffed up and allergic episode of TDPOTI is here. Listen as we discuss the ridiculousness of that Photogenic Guy, Wrath of The Titans, Draws...View Details

Is this baseball game worth getting over other baseball games? Listen and find out!

Today, is our last podcast. April yestrday fools! We talk about the great Reddit Timeline fool, the ill-fated Hawaii plan, and facepalm at the remake ...View Details

Is Rack City as good as it's previous two games? Listen and find out!

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