Archive for May 2012

Surviving the heat? Well listen to us to quench your thirst. Happy Memorial Day, so listen to support our troops. Today we talk about getting lost for...View Details

This is our special "musical" podcast. Unlike Diablo 3, you CAN listen to this podcast while offline. Well if you save it. Today we talk about Max Pay...View Details

Hello people of! You asked questions on my cake day, and I answered. Listen as me and my good co-host answer your great questions.

This episode, we review all of the current Max Payne games. Is it good? Is it awesome? Find out now!

Finally reached episode 50. We have some cool guest spots that come and go immediately. Today we talk about MCA, our adventures at the gamestop, retur...View Details

Nerdiest podcast yet? Listen and find out. I know the audio is a little fizzy here, but it's only in some spots. It should be okay to listen to. We fi...View Details

We want brains. And the next season of Walking Dead to start. But for now, the game will hold us for now.

In this episode, we get down and dirty in ACEN. Also we talk about the cartoon show Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes, Playstation Battle Royale (AKA S...View Details

The hardcore review of Prototype 1 and 2. Plus a little a bit of Infamous 1 and 2.

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