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You didn't think we'd come back, but you are WRONG. We come back with a vengeance with topics including random eBaying, my disinterest in The 2012 Oly...View Details

Finally back with a game review. This time a game that turns out to be actually decent.

So we are having equipment issues. You can hear some of it throughout the podcast. All we can get to is discussing Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and...View Details

We get hyped for The Dark Knight Rises later this week. We board the trailer train with all the Comic Con news released to us this week. This week we ...View Details

We return to our regular Monday releases. Today we talk about hats, Wolverine and The X-Men, block wide blackout, the EVO fighting championship, and K...View Details

Here is the second episode game review of The Walking Dead. It's good. Really. Buy it!

We finally made it to one whole year. We would like to thank the little people who stuck with us through out all these episodes.  Today we talk about ...View Details

We finally come back with a game review. For this week, it is The Amazing Spider-man. And also, we review the first two movie based Spider-Man games. ...View Details

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