Archive for April 2013

Yeah. We've hit 100 episodes. What now? A clip show! But in all seriousness, we'd like to thank you for being with us thus far. Today we talk about Ed...View Details

Today we have a special guest Rafael. This is a nice super-stuffed podcast coming up for you. Today we talk about Injustice: Gods Among us, DMC: Devil...View Details

Warning: long story ahead. Today we talk about a gaming meetup at Cuna Bar, Evil Dead 2013, my top 10 animes, Louis CK's special Oh My God, and the st...View Details

We talk about the great times of yesteryear of conventions. Today we talk about Roger Ebert, the season finale of the Walking Dead, ACEN, convention f...View Details

No foolin, but there is some great shows finally on Netflix. Today we talk about Bioshock Inifinite, Batman Beyond, Lego Batman, Lorne's top 10 anime ...View Details

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