Archive for July 2013

Troubles arise when a laptop is in remission. So the audio quality is gonna be a little weird. Today we talk about how crazy the weather is, more Crit...View Details

The block is hot. I hope people out there haven't dehydrated yer. Today we talk about what happened in Wisconsin at the renaissance fair, the newly an...View Details

This episode is so Pringles. Today we talk about the gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto 5, EVO 2013, the benefits of Playstation Plus, The Taste of ...View Details

We would like to extend our many thanks to Anime Midwest for giving us the opportunity to enjoy their wonderful convention. Today we talk about all th...View Details

This is the two year anniversary. Whoo. Today we talk about the show Frasier, more Injustice talk, more World War Z talk, meetups, and biking til your...View Details

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