Archive for March 2014

No, we don't talk about JUST anime. Today we also talk about the new TMNT trailer, the controversy around Stephen Colbert, wrap up the winter 2014 ani...View Details

Such crude fighting. Today we talk about getting all the materials needed for the Taskmaster cosplay, Pokemon Black, Titanfall again, Metal Gear Solid...View Details

I had a shamrock shake. I celebrated St. Patrick's Day. Today we talk more about Persona 3 FES, Titanfall, the greediness of Cashcom, I mean Capcom, m...View Details

It's so nice out. What am I doing here? Today we talk about all the potholes in Chicago and all the troubles they cause, going back to Kenosha, keep r...View Details

Alright, alright, alright. We still are going strong despite winter not going away. Today we talk about the new trailer for Batman Arkham Knight, Laya...View Details

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