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Nobody said this job was easy. Nobody said it was supposed to be hard, neither. Today I (Aka Joe), will countdown the top 10 movies of 2015 that I rea...View Details

So this is Christmas. Today we talk about Bayonetta being in Smash brothers, Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars the Force awakens, prequel apologists, H...View Details

We got movie sign! Today on this episode we talk about the MST3K reboot campaign on Kickstarter, the new trailers for X-Men Apocalypse, the confusing ...View Details

With arms wide open. In this podcast we talk about the new Forza 6 game, the announcement of King of Fighters game, fighting game seasons, WWE 2K16 fo...View Details

Did that really need a sequel/reboot? Today we talk about the upcoming movies of 2016, thinking of buying Just Cause 3, what happened on Black Friday,...View Details

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