Archive for March 2016

Tell me.... do you bleed? Today we talk about what's new on the Xbox One, the game Unravel by Electronic Arts, the future of One Piece, getting ready ...View Details

Blank is better because my opinion. Today we talk about the sales that's happening on XBOX, what happened at C2E2, the second season on Netflix's Dare...View Details

Kiss me blarney stones! Lorne couldn't make it this week, so instead it's special random person off the street guest: Milk. Today we talk about multip...View Details

Are you the Gatekeeper? Today we talk about what the Ghostbusters 2016 trailer has to offer to us, what furries have taught us about Zootopia, Sherloc...View Details

Whatever happened to predictability? Today we talk about Winter Brawl, getting a new Nikon Coolpix camera, getting new figures, the trailer for The Ri...View Details

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