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I am Cornholio! Today we talk about moving your stuff in to a place for more stuff, what happened to the Summer 2016 movies, living a savage life in t...View Details

Ryuu-ga, Wa-ga-te-ki-wo, Ku-ra-u!

Let's go the beach. Each. Today we talk about playing Overwatch, using Reinhart, playing Roadhog, Battlefield Hardline, entering a Street Fighter 5 to...View Details

You don't get another chance, Life is no Nintendo game.

They also have Magnetbox, and Sorny.

I don't do Windows.

I be soft? No YOU be soft.

Stop right there criminal scum!

That is a whole lotta letters.

Aw yeah, now we go in depth with this year's E3. Just to bring up a few, we talk about EA, Mass Effect Andromeda, Battlefield 1, Microsoft, Gears of W...View Details

The Kurly Krab. The Kreepy Krab. THE KILLER KRAB.

Like the fella once said, Ain't that a kick in the head?

I'd like some pound cake.

Set sail for One Piece. It's the name of the treasure!

Every simpsons ever. Today we talk about how big Overwatch is getting, the porn of Overwatch, Fallout Far Harbor, the Fallout Mods,  a trip down to Sp...View Details

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