Archive for April 2017

He's damn opposed. Damn damn damn opposed.

Science rules. Today we talk about happened at C2E2, the new fad of the flip spinner, the new Call Of Duty game that takes place during WW2, Kendrick ...View Details

Multi-track drifting? Today we talk about going to a Cubs game, watching the new teaser trailer for Star Wars The Last Jedi, playing Overwatch's new ...View Details

Take me out to the ball game.

People die when they are killed.

I love tacos doom. Today we talk about playing Persona 5, the new Thor Ragnarok teaser trailer, Train to Busan, the Pepsi ad that everyone is talking ...View Details

Friends are people who are not strangers. Today we talk about watching Wrestlemania, the end of The Undertaker's career, the new Xbox One dashboard,...View Details

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