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Anything is virtual reality if you use regular glasses. So we visit Wizard World over the weekend and we get to experience it. Listen here.

Better put a ring on it. Today we talk about going to Wizard World 2017, using VR, being Taskmaster, watching the new Death Note movie on Netflix, hav...View Details

Heroes never die. Today we talk about the new Netflix series The Defenders, the MCU shows on Netflix. the sun getting eclipsed, the thiccness of mei, ...View Details

Okay dad. Today we talk about the new Ducktales cartoon on Disney, the new game Sonic Mania, eSports maybe coming to the Olympics, toxicity in video ...View Details

I give it a 10. Today we talk about the previous console genereations, what happened to the studio that made Mass Effect Andromeda, remakes, and watch...View Details

Meteor strike! Today we t,alk about Stone Cold Austin 3:16, playing Doomfist on overwatch, the return of Summer Games, Lucioball, watching Blade Runne...View Details

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