Archive for May 2020

It's in Revelations, people! Today we talk about the current situation happening in most of America, getting a Nintendo Switch, playing Animal Crossin...View Details

Special guest Alex The Hipster returns in this special episode! We talk about how things are holding up in Seattle, the current state of things, peopl...View Details

You never go full throttle. Today we talk about Tony Hawk Pro Skater being remastered, Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath, listening to Creed, political state...View Details

I got a mad feeling about this. In this episode we talk about Resident Evil 4 being remade, One Piece World Seeker, the Rise of the Skywalker, A New H...View Details

Get it? It's just like anti-virus. We're gonna be recording our episode from now on this way and the solo episodes are off for now. Today we talk abou...View Details

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