We are The Dead Pixels of The Internet. Our slogan is "We got two nerd rages and a microphone". What sets us apart from the rest? Well.. not much.  We go on rants about pop culture and games. We bounce from topic to topic hopefully hitting a reasonable point in each rant. One of your hosts for this show is Joseph. Having a wide variety of tastes but completely sour towards everything. The other host who is mostly here is Lorne. A man with a half thought up plan and a brainwashed employee of the retail industry. So come and join us as two people you may or may not know give you opinions about things you probably were thinking about. New episode at least once a week with some mini reviews in between.

Contact us on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/thedeadpixelsoftheinternet or on our twitter @TDPOTIPodcast

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